Tulliallan Residential, November 2017

The problem with our residential weekend is that we get through so much music that remembering which music was played when becomes a blur. Just over 12 hours of rehearsal time is spread over just under 48 hours. It is an intense time and a bit of a mental marathon for this player.

We certainly started off with a piece commissioned by Val Flook and written by Dietrich Schnabel called Wilson’s Welcome. Which was a touching welcome to our new Musical Director. The pieces left in my folder at the end of the weekend were:

  • Capriol Suite by Peter Warlock
  • Mountain Music by Glen Shannon
  • Playford Suite by Eileen Silcocks
  • Peer Gynt Suite No 1, op. 46 by Edvard Grieg
  • English Folk Song Suite by Ralph Vaughan Williams
  • Festival Overture by John Hawkes

And two pieces written in memory of Eileen Silcocks:

  • Symphony No. 3 in A Minor for Recorder Orchestra by Stephen Watkins
  • Divertimento by Dietrich Schnabel

The latter was commissioned by the SRO and has a particularly special meaning for both the orchestra and our Associate Conductor as this was our first residential weekend after Eileen’s death.

Tulliallan is not all about recorder playing though. We need our tea and coffee breaks and for those that wish to partake, there are social gatherings on both Friday and Saturday nights. I enjoy the gatherings because it is one of the few times when I get a chance to meet new friends and reinforce old ones over some drink and snacks. It is convivial company anyway but improved this year by the presence of our new multitalented and media savi Musical Director Ian Wilson. A word to the wise if Mr Wilson is conducting your group, make sure no ospreys fly past during rehearsals or you might just lose your beat.

Written by SRO member, Andy Sanwell



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