The Scottish Recorder Orchestra consists of members from all over Scotland, playing instruments ranging from the sopranino down to the sub-contrabass. We encourage in particular the playing of the lower instruments (great bass and lower), of which we have a set of instruments that can be borrowed by members for the year to really get the hang of them. With our more recent acquisitions of a sub-great bass (octave below great bass) and sub-contra bass (octave below contra bass, two octaves below bass) we now produce a fantastically full sound that brings out the best in both very old and very new repertoire, as well as everything in between.

The orchestra meets once a month on Sunday afternoon in Stirling, from September until June. The October meeting is replaced by our annual residential weekend which is a great opportunity for socialising and just playing through a lot of different pieces. Many of the pieces for the year are presented and first played through at this weekend. We usually have a concert in May or June, somewhere in Scotland.

Our Musical Director is Ian Wilson, Principal Recorder Professor at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. We are partnered with the Dortmund Recorder Orchestra and their conductor Dietrich Schnabel is our Associate Conductor. At our residential weekends Dietrich shares the conducting with Ian.