What you need to know

The Scottish Recorder Orchestra welcomes new members so if you are of a reasonable standard and are capable of sight reading please think about coming along and trying us out. We do not carry out auditions. We are not looking for perfection, but we do want you to make an effort to thoughtfully work away at the pieces concentrating on the difficult sections until they become easier.

Orchestra playing requires not only playing what is in front of you but also listening to the other players in your section, listening to other sections, counting the rests and most importantly, looking at the conductor for timing and other helpful prompts. If that all seems too much please don’t panic. These are all skills that you will develop as you gain experience with the orchestra.

Please note that for reasons of balance and tuning very few descants and sopraninos are used and players for these are selected by the Musical Director. New members are therefore encouraged to play treble and lower instruments. There will be an annual subscription to pay.

What you need to do

Come along to a rehearsal and try the orchestra out. If you are in a group with other recorder players find out if any of them attend the orchestra and ask if you could accompany them next time. Alternatively, contact the SRO’s secretary using the form below and they will see if they can find a member to give you a lift to a rehearsal.

You are also very welcome to turn up to a rehearsal under your own steam. Letting us know beforehand allows the committee to make sure you are welcomed and answer any questions you might have.